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Homestay owner?

Are you homestay owner / own homestay in Malaysia and you need to Promote homestay / advertise homestay or promote homestay to the world... now.. this site provide platform for you to publish / advertise homestay for free...


How can I promote homestay on this site?

As we said before this site wont charge you a penny to promote your homestay (it's absolutely free homestay advertise)... all you need is to (step 1) create an account with and be sure that you (step 2) log in and start to let the world know about your homestay by (step 3) filling and submit our simple form...


What information do I have to submit?

After you create an account with us, you can start to advertise homestay or create homestay by going to the submission form, fill in the homestay title and the description about your homestay, please keep in mind that in order to promote your homestay you may need to creatively describe your homestay in the manner to provide user best information about your homestay and attract user to stay at your homestay  


Submission language?

Submission language English... Your homestay customer may come from all side of the world... then, for best interest for you and your customers we prefer that you write your submission form (for.. your homestay description) in English... but you can write in any language that you want... feel free... we are absolutely oke about it



Thanks for being with 1malaysiahomestay.




Ahmad Nazri bin Muhamad

Owner and Founder


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